Inner Quest Dynamics - Life Changing Workshops  and Individualized Coaching
In this specialized workshop, you will be guided through the process of recognizing your accomplishments and learn to fully appreciate the amazing person that you are. You will also examine the basic building blocks required to increase your level of self-esteem.
You will:
  • learn how to focus within and discover your true inner preferences
  • decide the values most important to you and why
  • sift your focus away from yourself once you have increased your self-awareness, and consider others' responses 
  • be able to deal more effectively with the people in your life
  • appreciate the strengths and differences of people around you to create more positive, empowered and lasting relationships
  • empower yourself and those around you to live life to its fullest potential
  • use the informational tools to develop and maintain successful relationships with everyone around you
This writing workshop will help you to honor your past, appreciate your present and fully realize your own unique potential for the future. You will be led through an amazing process of self-discovery and healing.
You will:
  • learn to express your thoughts clearly and concisely to convey your stories
  • be able to organize your stories to begin to create your own amazing personal memoirs
  • recognize the consistent patterns in your life to help you make empowering new choices for the future
  • Value your importance as the narrator of your own personal life stories
  • Capture your important memories and learn how to turn them into incredible stories people will love to hear, if you choose to share them
This workshop guides you through the process of recognizing your accomplishments and appreciating the life you are living now. Ask yourself: Am I enjoying my life? Am I following my heart’s desire? Am I living the life I want to live? If the answer is anything other than a definite “yes,” this is for you.  You will be excited as you consider your past experiences, focus on your current situation, and make plans for the future of your dreams.
You will:
  •  learn how to focus inward and discover who you are.
  •  decide which values are most important to you.
  •  recognize the strengths of the people in your life.
  •  learn how to manage stress.
  • ·discover your passion and consider your dreams.
  •  make the choice to start living your passion now.
This workshop guides you through the process of determining the life you were meant to live and gives you the clear steps to begin finding your own unique life path.
You will:
  • discover your passion and open the door to your dreams
  • make the choice to live your life with passion and achieve amazing results
  • set clear goals that will enable you to begin the process of achieving them
  • decide the action steps necessary to begin to create the life you were meant to live 
Inner Quest Dynamics program fees are based upon the type of workshops/courses offered (length varies) and the number of people attending.  For more information on how to attend one of these incredible life changing workshops/courses call Sharon today to reserve your spot:  (702) 375-5685
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